Get More Detailed Data on Your Hotel Website's Visitors

By: O'Rourke Hospitality Team

Do you have enough insight into the visitors to your hotel's website? One big advantage of utilizing a vanity website is gaining additional insights into how people are interacting with your website. Through these data platforms, you're able to see analytics for how users are reaching you (organic search vs. direct), email marketing performance, and track special offers and goals. Find out what insight you could be gaining with a vanity website

Hi there, Brian Fitzgerald with O'Rourke hospitality marketing, want to wrap up our video series that we've been doing on vanity websites and the role that they can play in your overall digital marketing strategy.

And we've talked about a lot of the different benefits from improving your SEO strategy to more flexibility around content and being able to integrate with, with other technologies and, and many other things.

Um, well, at the end of the day, perhaps the biggest benefit is the ability to measure and track how all those things are doing.

Um, and so in, in the, in the back end of any vanity website is going to be an analytics platform.

Uh, we, we use Google analytics and that's going to allow us to measure and understand what's working. What's not working and, and be very flexible and nimble, uh, with our overall digital marketing strategy to make changes as needed.

And so I have a few examples here. Let's say we've leveraged a vanity site to be more aggressive and more comprehensive with our SEO strategy.

Uh, well, our analytics platform is going to be able, uh, allow us to go in and look and see how is that organic, uh, strategy performing and look at that over different periods of time, whether it's month to month or year over year, and we can see are things up or things down, uh, we're getting the results that we would have anticipated.

Uh, and if not, let's, let's dig into that. Let's understand why that's not happening and continue to be, uh, continue to evolve that, that strategy.

Uh, another example would be email marketing. We didn't specifically talk about that, um, as a, as an overall benefit to their vanity website.

Um, but that could certainly be a part of your digital marketing strategy. And in this case, you can see this property sent an email blast on a particular day.

Well, they can very quickly and easily come in and understand how many people, how many people visited the site from the email, what did they do?

Did they, did they click over to make a reservation? Did they take any other key actions that we would have expected to see?

Uh, so that's another, another benefit. Another one is around specials and packages and offers this, this property happens to call them offers.

Uh, but let's say your, your revenue management strategy, uh, is focused on, on some particular offerings. Well, that's going to flow through to your digital marketing strategy and being able to go in and understand, okay, are we getting the visibility around those packages and offers that we want to see, uh, if we're not, how can we use the flexibility of our vanity site to get more visibility?

Can we, can we change the placement of those, uh, packages and offers to really drive that to the, to the end consumer?

And then the last example here is around, uh, what are called events or goals. And so we can leverage the analytics to understand are people taking those key actions that we want them to take.

Uh, they clicking over to the booking engine. Are they calling you? Are they filling out a, an RFP form? Uh, and if you think back to some of the other things that we talked about around overall benefits of vantage around content creation, um, integrating with, with different third parties, you could have, um, goals here around, uh, how many people watched the video that you posted, uh, how many people interacted with a particular blog post that you posted, uh, how many people clicked over to make a reservation through open table to your, to your food and beverage outlets.

And so really the backbone behind any vanity site is the analytics and being able to really understand what's working and what's not, and be flexible and change that strategy as needed.

And so hopefully you found this overall series beneficial, as I've said before, if you're thinking about a vanity site or think a vanity site might be a good strategy for your property, we'd love to talk to you about that.

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