A Brief Guide to Hotel & Resort Display Retargeting

By: O'Rourke Hospitality Team

Retargeting serves banner ads to users who have previously visited your hotel’s website. You define what the ads look like and which previous visitors to your website see them. You get charged a nominal fee every time the ad shows up.

Why It’s Important

Retargeting is a great way to capture your hotel’s audience in a different part of the sales process. In the case of retargeting, your audience or customer has already visited your site and has been introduced to your brand in some way. Or, they may have purchased a product and you want to upsell. Either way, retargeting creates another opportunity for you to target, somewhat specifically, an audience during a specific part of the sales process that you may not otherwise be able to target. Of course, you could always set up a campaign where your ads show up to every visitor of your hotel’s website.

Setting Up a Retargeting Campaign

Setting up a retargeting campaign can be fairly straightforward using a web-based program like AdRoll. Here are some steps to think about as you set up your campaign:

Define Audience

You should first decide what your goals will be and which visitors on your site you want to target. Generally, you can only target visitors who visit specific pages of your site. Do you want to target people who visited your homepage, a page talking about your available rooms, etc.

Place Snippet on Site

You will need to place what is called a “snippet” or “tracking code” on each page of your site. This is what will allow you to track visitors after they leave your site and serve ads to them.

Create Segments

Next you will want to create what is known as “segments”. A segment is a group of visitors that has visited specific page(s) of your site. You will later assign segment(s) to ad(s) that you create.

Create Ads

The next step is to create ads for your campaign. There are predefined requirements for your ads, so be sure to follow those. Also, you’ll need to decide where the ads will take the user if a users clicks on it.

Campaign Settings

Next is to select your campaign settings. This is fairly straightforward and requires you to select things like weekly spend, when your ads will run, etc.

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