How Interactive Content Can Enhance Your Hotel Website

By: O'Rourke Hospitality Team

Now more than ever, having a range of diverse content on your hotel website is critical to grabbing attention. More than two-thirds of the world's population is made of Millennials and Gen Z, two generations that rely heavily on reviews, blogs and websites to make travel decisions. With a hotel vanity website, you can use blogs to enhance keywords and provide original content, video and guided tours to show off your property's unique features, and third-party integrations like Resy or OpenTable to provide users with interactive features. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of a vanity website and then read our blog to go more in-depth on the topic.

Hey there, Brian Fitzgerald here from O’Rourke hospitality marketing. I want to continue our video series about vanity websites. On our last video, we wrapped up talking about how a blog can be a great way to help enhance your SEO strategy by allowing you to create content on an ongoing basis.

And so today I want to talk a little bit more about different types of content and ways that you can use content on the vanity site that you really can't on on your brand site and all of the benefits that, that go along with that.

Here's another blog example that I wanted to share. This is a holiday and in Vancouver, they've got some great content here about black history month and different restaurants that are nearby, um, what to do during this winter season.

And again, this is, this is a great way to help, uh, gain additional visibility for keywords that you might not be able to through your brand site, by creating lots more content and a lot more pages.

So that ability to just create content very flexibly very quickly is, is one key benefit of, of a vanity site.

The other one I wanted to share is, um, you know, we've talked about video a couple of times, uh, but just the ability to insert video really throughout your site.

It's a great way to, uh, show off those assets that you might have, uh, not, not require a user go to a particular page or click a certain button to open the video, but really sprinkle those videos throughout your content is another great way to, uh, enhance that overall feel when it comes to, um, meetings and events, uh, the use of virtual tours, here's an example of a property that has their virtual tour, where you can kind of, uh, interact with the, the, uh, the floor plan and kind of actually visually see all that there is to, um, you know, all the different layouts and, uh, actually get a feel for what it looks like and really interact with it much better than just a PDF, um, a great visual way to represent that, that part of your business, uh, when it comes to food and beverage, you could, uh, integrate with platforms like a Rezi or an open table if your, if your outlet takes reservations.

Uh, but you can, you can do simple things like this, which I thought was a great example. Uh, just again, hitting on that flexibility there's properties posting the different menus that they have, the specific menu items that they have this week.

Um, they can probably go into the content management system and update this immediately to do this on a brand site would be very difficult because you, you often have turnaround times, or honestly you sometimes don't even have a place to put this type of content.

So just being able to have that level of detail is really beneficial for the end user. And then the last example, uh, is, is how to connect with and, um, share those different, uh, partnerships and platforms that you have, uh, particularly in social media.

And so if you look at this property, this is their brand site. Um, there really isn't anything here about Facebook or Instagram or any of the social platforms that that they're on.

Uh, but if we look at their, their vanity site, we can see up in the top, they're able to very, very prominently promote the different social platforms that they have.

Uh, in this case, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, they're using their Pinterest in a great way to help promote more meetings and weddings at their property.

And so, again, the point of this video was really to share some additional examples of ways that a vanity site provides that flexibility for you to create content, insert content, create connections with different platforms that you have, whether it's social platforms, food, and beverage platforms, meetings, and events platforms.

And so hopefully you found these examples helpful again, if, if a vanity site is something that you're thinking about, uh, we'd love to help you out and, uh, please do get in touch with us today.

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