Metasearch Targeting & Budgeting

By: O'Rourke Hospitality Team

Learn more about some of the most important aspects of metasearch strategy: targeting & budgeting. Gain insights as Brian discusses some of the unique characteristics of targeting travelers in different regions and allocating spending.

Hey there, Brian Fitzgerald with O'Rourke hospitality marketing want to do a quick video today about meta-search targeting and budgeting. These are some more kind of advanced tactics and advanced strategies that once you've gotten into your campaigns and got them running, these are the types of things that you should be looking at.

So first, when it comes to targeting options, the first thing to think about is, is country. Uh, we, in, in a previous video, we talked about how some of the different meta-search platforms, Google, TripAdvisor, Trivago, we go several others.

How some of them have better targeting in different countries, in different regions than others. So as you evaluate, uh, you know, you're just targeting the United States, are you targeting North America or are you trying to target the Asia Pacific region region or the Europe, things of that nature?

So country is certainly something to think about as part of the strategy. The next thing is desktop versus mobile. Uh, we all know if you're looking at your analytics, you're probably seeing the majority of traffic coming from, from mobile devices these days.

And so that begs the question of, uh, what, how should you be splitting your budget across different device types, uh, desktop versus mobile.

The interesting thing here that we often talk with our clients about is while the majority of traffic is coming from mobile, the majority of conversions are still happening on desktop.

And so this is something to consider. You may want to be visible on mobile for the added visibility and benefit of visibility that you'll get, but you'll have to keep in mind that you're, you're, you're not likely to see conversions coming from those, those mobile devices.

And therefore you might want to say if my goal is just conversions, all I care about is, is, is bookings and maximizing that return on the spend.

You might want to consider turning off mobile and just going focused on, on desktop. And then the third thing related to targeting is related to audiences.

So within Google's ad platform, they have the ability for you to create your own custom audiences or leverage different audience groups that they've identified.

Uh, this again, might be something that makes sense for you to look at, uh, either yourself or if you're working with, uh, with an agency partner.

And then in terms of budget considerations, uh, we get this question a lot, uh, how much, how much should I spend, or how much, how much will I need to budget?

And the answer, unfortunately, is it depends. It depends on us, the size of your property, the market, that you're in the amount of competition, a lot of, you know, a lot of different factors.

And so the budget could be $150 month, or it could be a thousand dollars a month or anywhere in between.

And, and there's analysis that you can do to help try to figure out what, what that should be. Um, and then the other piece of it is your budget is going to Biddy, uh, um, vary based on the bid strategy that, that you've employed in a previous video, we talked about the five different bid strategy methods that you can use.

Some of them are cost per click based. Some of them are cost per acquisition base. So based on which targeting, um, uh, what, what bid strategy you've chose to use, that's going to impact your, your budget as well.

And then the last thing to think about from a budget perspective, and we've been talking about this a lot on, through these videos and on our website is meta searches growing.

Now, there are more and more travelers using meta search. The meta search providers are pushing their platform, Google, TripAdvisor, et cetera.

And so more and more advertising dollars are going to meta-search. Now, if you can find incremental dollars, that's great. Uh, you, you, you should do that.

And in many cases, uh, budgets don't allow for that new dollars. You might have to take those dollars from somewhere else.

If you could take it from print or something, that's a little harder to track that's ideal, but you might have to make a tough decision to move it from, from PBC or move it from a display campaign or a social advertising campaign.

Those are the kinds of things that our clients are, are looking at. And so as you get into the, this level of detail with your meta-search strategy, let us know if you need any help.

We'd be, we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

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