Types of Emails Guests Are Most Likely to Open

By: O'Rourke Hospitality Team

Email marketing has become a staple of hotel digital marketing campaigns. But it may surprise you to learn what types of emails guests are more likely to open, and it may impact the types of emails you send or how much effort you put into certain types of emails.

A recent study analyzed 50,000 email campaigns across 250,000,000 recipients. The campaigns were divided up into 5 categories and the study found the average number of times a recipient opened a type of message. Here are the results:

• Newsletters & Offers: 1.5
• Weather Reports: 1.9
• Post-Departure: 2.1
• In-Resort: 2.5
• Pre-Arrival: 3.5

Pre-arrival emails are the most popular, while newsletters and offers were the least popular. This makes sense considering how relevant a guest might think these types of emails are. These findings are certainly something to keep in mind the next time your planning you email marketing campaigns.

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