Why It’s A Good Idea to Invest in Bing PPC for Your Hotel

By: O'Rourke Hospitality Team

Most hoteliers involved with marketing know about pay-per-click (PPC), particularly from Google, and they understand its benefits. But people tend to be a little more reserved about Bing PPC, probably because they only use Google as a search engine and ignore Bing altogether.

Although Google is still widely considered the king of search engines, Bing has been gaining ground and now accounts for a little over 18% of all U.S. searches. We’ve run Bing campaigns for a number of clients and have had some good results, particularly if the client has OTAs bidding for their brand terms.

This is because OTAs tend to bid on a hotel’s brand name, which is an attempt to attract guests to book through the OTA when a guest is searching for that particular hotel; we have found this to be the case with many clients. This makes it a necessity, especially if there’s a lot of search volume for the brand name, to participate in Bing PPC. It’s all about gaining more search real-estate against the OTAs.

One of our clients is very heavily targeted on Bing (and Google) by OTAs. To compound the problem, their brand name sees a lot of search traffic, making them a prime candidate for Bing PPC. In fact, they experienced an ROAS of 3,694% in one month on Bing PPC!


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