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By: O'Rourke Hospitality Team

Is search engine optimization (SEO) bogging down the success of your website? Do you know what to look for when considering your website's SEO practices? Brian Fitzgerald with O'Rourke Hospitality Marketing breaks down the most important aspects of SEO in your website.

Hi there. Brian Fitzgerald here with overall hospitality marketing. Want to do a quick video today and talk more about why you might need a new website.

There are a lot of considerations in this video. We're going to talk about SEO search engine optimization and the considerations that you might want to look at there to help determine if you need a new website.

Uh, if, if any of these apply to you, then that might lead you down the path of saying that you do need a new site.

Uh, the first thing we'll look at is, is speed site speed and performance. Uh, this is, uh, on the screen here, the Google page speed tool.

You, you can find this site plugging any URL and it will give you results. Uh, here, this is a desktop result.

Uh, this property is a 17 out of a hundred. Uh, there's a mobile score as well, 14 out of a hundred.
Um, those are, those are not good. Um, so there are things that you can do from a development standpoint to potentially improve that.

Uh, however, if depending on the age of your site, there, there may be limitations as far as how much improvement, uh, you can, you can gain.
And so that might lead you towards a new site, being a platform, that'll get you a better speed and performance.

This is something that Google and other search engines are looking at. Uh, very strongly is a big, it's a big, big component of their search results and determining who should show up.

So site speed and performance. Um, the other, uh, piece that's related to this is, is what are called core web vitals.

Uh, Google is, uh, is launching a new algorithm update very soon where they are going to be looking at some of these specific things.

First Contentful paint, largest content will paint first input, delay, and cumulative layout shift. Again, these are more technical things that, uh, as marketers, we, we maybe can't impact it's more of a development standpoint, but if you, again, your website technology, the foundation of it is not equipped to, um, achieve some of these metrics just based simply on its age.

That might be another reason why you need to look at, at upgrading. So core, core web vitals, and just generally keeping up with Google algorithm updates is another area of SEO, uh, that might, uh, might dictate you needing a new, a new website.

Uh, the next thing is, uh, a traditional on-site SEO. You know, I just, this is a, a random example. This hotel, the title tag is just hotel civic, Seattle.
Uh, there's a missed opportunity here. Uh, this could have a Seattle boutique hotel, uh, Seattle hotel near the space needle.

Um, there's a missed opportunity here, again, depending on how deep you're lacking in this regard, it might be something that you can clean up with your existing site, but it might be another, um, another element that leads you towards the path of, of needing a new site.

Uh, the next thing is around content creation. So Google and other search engines have been very vocal over many years about wanting to see sites that, uh, are fresh, have fresh content, creating new, relevant, interesting content on an ongoing basis.

A great way to do that is through a blog. These are some examples here of, uh, relevant, useful content that this hotel is producing w that also has a keyword twist to it, right?

So Memorial day in Dallas. So if somebody is searching for that, potentially looking to make a trip to Dallas, this property now has content that's catered to that, uh, you know, best mother's day spa, retreats, festivals, and events near Dallas.
So this type of content can go a long way towards keeping you fresh. Uh, it's a signal that, that, that Google likes to see.

So having a blog is, uh, is a very important piece of that overall SEO puzzle. If your current website doesn't have this again, it might be a new site that helps enable this for you and, and cover that.
Um, the last thing is a bit more technical it's, it's what I would call schema or structured data. Um, there's many, many pages of, of this, uh, on Google's help section, uh, anytime you see star ratings or reviews or a time like this, or the number of in this case for recipes and number of calories.

Anytime you see this for hotels where there's a rating number of reviews, price ranges, uh, this is, this is structured data.

That's being provided to Google in a format that they know what to do with it. Um, and, uh, this is more behind the scenes, but again, going back to your current website, if your current website platform is not built in a way to enable this type of information or provide this type of information, it could be another gap within your, within your overall SEO strategy.

It is more technical. Uh, it comes, comes down to this information that's in your code, but again, it's structured in a way that Google understands it and knows what to do with it.

And if all other things are equal between you or you and your comp set, and you're doing this, and they're not, that could be that one simple leg up that you have to get some additional visibility for the keywords that you're competing for.

So again, we're thinking about, you know, do you need a new website? Is it time to redo your website? SEO is a big angle that you should be thinking about and looking at, and as we've covered here, there's, there's a good four or five different things to look at.
And if you find yourself deficient in all of those areas, then a new website is probably definitely the way to go.

Uh, if you're thinking about that or would like some help in trying to evaluate this, please do get in touch.

We'd be happy to help you out.

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